More Than 20 BTS’ Iconic Live Performnaces ‘Disappear’ from YouTube Without Explanation, Fans Seek Answers

Human beings are inherently nostalgic, they always want to hold onto memories or events or actions that bring to them happiness. And music has this attribute of taking you back to that feeling, that emotion, that reminder of happier times. BTS’ live performances are one of the most watched moments in any fan’s life, they have played a major part in showing BTS as mega performances and energy on stage. BTS performances have that nolstagic feel every single time, so you want to hold onto that moment.

Past performances also show the journey that BTS has taken by growing and becoming even greater at performing. If you watch a BTS performance for a song now and compare to a past one, you will notice that the dance moves become more sharper and more entertaining.

Keen eyed ARMY have recently noticed that over 20 of BTS’ live performances have been deleted from their original YouTube uploads. BTS have always performed at major TV stations, talk shows at a award shows. Most of them are downloaded by the hosts of those stages and uploaded on their channels.

And now several searches for such performances like the James Corden BTS “Black Swan” performance, BTS’ Billboard Music Awards performances for 2017 and 2018 among others are no longer available for viewing.

BTS “Black Swan” at James Corden
BTS “Boy With Luv” at Saturday Night Live

Fans even went ahead and listed the performances that are no longer on the official YouTube channels of the stages that BTS performed on.

Iconic performances especially those from earlier ones are the most significant as they bare BTS’s history. Old ARMY is especially irked since new BTS ARMY might not have the chance to see where BTS started as artists.

Now Fans are wondering why Bug Hit did not buy rights to such performances so that they can be available for fans to enjoy. Fans are also disappointed that the deletion of these performances has lost BTS over 100 million views overall.

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