Kenyan ARMYs Replicates BTS RM’s ‘DTS’ Ducks Using A National Staple Food


It all started with RM posting 7 duck molds he had made on the snow, both on Twitter and the Weverse app. He tagged the snow ducks as “DTS” a play on their band name BTS. His post got onto Korea’s national news and it was even revealed that the duck mold had been sold out in some stores. And that started a trend of fans posting picture of their duck molds in their homes or making them.

BTS’ RM Duck molds on Twitter

On 28th January , the US embassy in Seoul posted a mold of the famous “DTS’ molded out of rice and presented on a dish, which became wide spread and some fans even tried to make the duck molds with rice.

After seeing the post, one Kenyan ARMY challenged fellow fans to try making the duck molds using a staple food in Kenya. In Kenya we do not have snow so creative ARMYs decided to get on the trend and replicated their “DTS” by molding the ducks using Ugali. Ugali is a Kenyan staple food that is found and regularly eaten in many if not all homes. The Ugali can be accompanied with vegetables and a various array of meats like chicken, beef, pork, fish or even goat.

The results were both interesting and funny as one user was able to mold the ducks very well using Ugali and even served up the dish with some vegetables, meat and a drink

Well, it was a fun challenge, a good way to represent the local Kenyan Food

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