Happy 2 Year Anniversary To BTS V’s Masterpiece “Scenery” His Beautiful Gift for ARMY

BTS V is a singer, songwriter, and actor. He is a vocalist in BTS and loves art and photography. V’s baritone singing voice that has received positive critical reception especially his vocal range and “husky” tone. He is is the member with the most soulful voice in BTS and can hit several notes especially his falsettos are just soothing as well.

Tamar Herman from Billboard noted that “V’s lower range is a prominent piece of BTS’ music.” V’s musicality is heavily influenced by his love for jazz and classical music. Eric Benet and Ruben Studdard are among his inspirations. As a performer, V’s style is known for its “duality”, or his ability to evoke various emotions on stage.

BTS’s V released “Scenery” on 30th January 2019 with ARMY in mind. He wanted to share his love with the fans. The song talks about the scenes in Life that weave together to form great memories and the moments where we fall in love, laugh or just enjoy life in solace.

ARMY trended 태형이와함께한_풍경_2주년축하해, #2YearsWithScenery to celebrate V’s beautiful song

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