BTS Members Reveal Who They Would Choose To Switch Talents With For 24 Hours & Why

BTS members are talented in very many ways, as much as each member brings a different unique aspect into the band, they can all dance, sing, rap, compose and write music and lyrics and produce, RM, J-Hope, Suga, have experience in producing several BTS songs while Jungkook has a hand in producing some songs of his own. BTS have spoken of their admiration of each other and how much each member contributes to the success of the team. They also speak of how they help each other in various ways in case someone gets stuck or needs more time in syncing with the others.

In a 2019 interview with PAPER Magazine, BTS were asked who among the bandmates they would switch talents with for 24 hours and why. Each member chose which talent they admired from his other mates. Here’s what each member chose as the talent they would love from the other, if given 24 hours to have it…

RM: “I would like to dance like J-Hope just for one day. What would that feel like?”

Jin: “V’s ability to memorize choreography. I want to say to RM, “Have you already forgotten [the moves]?”

Suga: “RM — I want to be good at English.”

J-Hope: “Suga’s amazing producing skills!!!”

Jimin: “J-Hope’s smiley face. Looking at J-Hope, I think his smiley face is really adorable.”

V: “I want to borrow RM’s brain and make a whole bunch of songs.”

Jungkook: “RM. I want to write really nice lyrics and have deeper thoughts.”

Seems most people want RM’s brain, and we can relate., we all want his “sexy brain” as Jin so rightfully said at a past interview.

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