7 Times BTS’ Namjoon Channeled ‘Steve Rogers’ aka ‘Captain America’

RM is our captain ARMY in more ways than one. Being the leader of BTS, he has been leading the band and making sure that their synergy and energy is positive so that they can achieve everything that they have so far. RM is ARMY’s superhero as his words and music have always comforted fans whenever they had tough times. He is always recommending music books and movies as well and showing us his favorite places to visit like museums and art galleries.

If you are a fan of the Marvel series, then you definitely know who captain America is. And BTS themselves have always said they love Marvel and have their favourite marvel characters. ARMY are among the most creative intelligent individuals on the planet and they will always have creative ways to imagine BTS as characters, whether it be in animation or movies.

Lately RM has been working out to build muscle and it did not bypass the watchful eyes of his fans across the world. RM’s buffed muscles had ARMY all in a frenzy as the difference in his well built body was evident as they began their promotions for “Dynamite” last year.

RM next to a statue of Captain America

Fans appreciated the stylist for this dark form fitting T-shirt that trended RM’s new buff body.

Dressed in all black, they both look classy

Just out and about in dark sunglasses that bring out their cool side

Even with a serious face, both of them look hot as ever

Short sleeved Vests giving us a sneak peak of those well built muscles

They both look good in white well fitting Tees that fits perfectly in all the right places

At the end of the day, we love to see our ‘super hero’ men be visual kings.

ARMY is always doing these awesome compilations of the members and this list was compiled by the Twitter user below

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