Why BTS Performing “MIC Drop” & “Boy With Luv” on Saturday Night Live (SNL) Was Both Iconic & Historical

BTS became the first K-pop act to perform on Saturday Night Live “SNL” in 2019 when they performed their hit singles “MIC Drop” and “Boy With Luv”. SNL is arguably one of the biggest daytime shows in US and having the chance to perform on the show is in itself an honor and a show that you are recognized as talented and popular.

These two performances also opened the door for new fans to start noticing BTS as the great artists that they were back then. These two comments below just speak to how meaningful the performance was

“Totally surreal watching BTS on SNL right now, never in a million years did I expect to hear Korean on American basic cable, the family is gathered around the TV together”

“Such an incredible, proud moment BTS on SNL… to see people that look like me on an iconic American show that I grew up on, wowwww”

These two performances marked the continuation of the public now acknowledging that BTS is not just another act from a foreign country but artists that have substance and art and talent. These are the moments that should be treasured and locked in vaults for future generations to see the amazing history of BTS.

It is sad that the live performances will no longer be available on SNL’s official YouTube channel, but that does not stop it from being one of the greatest history moments that BTS have shared with ARMY, both new and old.

Here are some 2019 comments about the performances

And now fans have to say goodbye to such great memories

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