BTS Fashion & Style Inspired By Their Favorite Colors, Whose Style Matches Your Personality?

Whether it is designer outfits or simple looks, BTS will rock them with ease and make them work. BTS’ airport fashion is simply stylish, effortless and well put together that they are always trending for their outfits whenever they travel. And then there is BTS in suits on the red carpet or even during performances, they were made to wear suits! BTS’ Red Carpet Fashion, has evolved over the years as they have learnt their bodies, tastes and what fits them perfectly. When it comes to designer fashion, Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are very particular about what they wear, they do not go for the clothes just because its designer wear.

Accessories are probably when the members are different is the kinds they wear and how often they wear them. For instance if you notice when it comes to earrings, Jungkook and Jimin seem to the ones who love to wear statement earrings with Jin and J-Hope preferring to wear the more minimalist looks and designs, especially J-Hope since he is the only member who does not have his ears pierced but wears stick ons. I think Jimin has the most collection when it comes to belts, while V has the most handbags collection.

BTS have rocked hairstyles in all sorts of colors, from red, blue, brown, black, curly, brown, blonde, pink, silver, orange, purple, this usually depends on comebacks, events, promotions or just because they want to change their hair color, and they look awesome in any color or style. They have rocked and absolutely looked dashing in all white, they have worn shorts, especially during their travels, when they are on variety shows or even at the airport. BTS have an enviable collection of sunglasses that match their ooutfits, performances or travelling.

The members know how to accessorize with beautiful scarfs, when it gets warmer they have amazing and stylish sweaters and they own the best caps for when they want to hide from the sun or sometimes the public, sometimes. And when they want that casual but still stylish look, BTS goes for denim, and lets not forget their vast collection of shoes. BTS shows you how to rock trench coats without looking too dressed up even in the summer or autumn. You can never for the most part miss BTS wearing jackets in most of their music videos or performances. Whether it is all color or black and white, BTS are always winning in the fashion game.

In an interview with BTS interviews tagged “Dreamterview with…“the members were asked a series of questions that they had to answer as quick as they were asked. One of the questions was their favorite color. Each member revealed what color they were into at the moment. We all know that BTS are stylish and fashion icons in their own rights, and most of the members would wear any color of outfit as long as they feel comfortable, in the mood for it, for a purpose or as convenient. Today we look at BTS’s style with those colors they chose as their favorite. And since fans relate with different members, whose style is more your type or who do you relate to the most when it comes to style?

Lets start with Kim Nam-joon aka RM. He chose the color BLUE.


His blue outfit

His blue hair

His blue microphone

J-Hope chose green

Jimin chose Purple & Wine

His purple outfit

His wine colored outfits

Suga chose Blue & Black

No surprise there, he always said he loves the color Blue, even his “BE” album photo teaser concept was in a pallet of blue

His blue hair

His blue outfits

His black outfits

V chose Grey

His grey outfits

Jungkook chose Purple

We can guess he loves the color because it represents ARMY and he loves ARMY to the bone

His purple outfits

His purple hair

His purple microphone

Jin chose Blue & Sky Blue

All types of blue perfectly suits him

Which member’s style resonates with you the most?

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