BTS Jin’s Birthday Surprise, Jungkook & J-Hope Decorate Cake, Jimin & Jin Share Cute Moment

4th December 2020 was Jin’s Birthday and although he shared a Live Birthday Celebration, it was only him talking about how his birthday was. He had said that they had been practicing until 10pm and would be getting up at 5am to do more practice. He explained that, that is why the rest of the members were not with him at his birthday live stream. Today Big Hit shared Jin’s birthday surprise by the members. He was pleasantly surprised as the others walked in singing to him happy birthday.

BTS J-Hope and Jungkook were incharge of the cake decoration as they prepared the surprise, the lighter got too close to Jungkook’s finger that he had to put it out much to the laughter of J-hope

Immeadiately they opened the door, they began singing “Happy Birthday”

J-Hope put on Jin’s head the birthday party hat as Jimin kept complaining that he couldn’t understand why he kept hiccupping.

Jin was happy to receive the cake saying that he had not expected it. V, and Jimin squished his cheeks while Rm was rubbing his shoulders saying “So cute”. The others asked him to make a wish then they started singing Jin’s part in their song “Life Goes On”

Jimin then flicked the party hat’s rubber band onto Jin’s neck, and Jin feigned hurt as Jimin joked “I barely pulled it” then Kissed Jin’s hands as if to apologize and soothe him. And with that Jimin gave ARMY a soft cute JinMin moment that is still lingering in their hearts. Their reactions are priceless as expected with any affectionate moment that the Bangtan boys have.

Watch the full clip

Jimin and Jin have an amazing friendship that have become closer as they have grown together, before, during and after they debuted. It is always great to see the different dynamics in the BTS relationships as each one is different and people can relate to certain friendships more than others. The “uwu” moment that stood out out of all of Jin’s birthday surprise, and fans reactions to it…

BTS moments we love to see!

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