What is In BTS Jungkook’s Bag Proves He is The King of Duality

No one does “duality” like BTS’ Jungkook. On stage Jungkook has this fiery energy that you can absolutely feel whenever you watch him perform. And those who have had the pleasure of watching him live, can attest to the fact that Jungkook will always draw you in with his high energy and passion in his singing and dancing. He is totally engaging and makes you feel like you are part of the exotic energetic journey that he himself is taking through his voice and body with all the dance moves. And then comes, everyday life, Jeon Jungkook or Kookie or Googie.

The man can charm your socks off with his cuteness overload. When the boy is just relaxed and hanging out with his fellow BTS members, he lets loose and just takes the day as is. On one of their BangtanTV ‘bomb’ series, Jungkook scribbled on Jin’s phone and then Jin took revenge by scribbling on Jungkook’s toiletry bag. JinKook just being their chaotic selves again. Then there was Suga who took Jungkook’s pouch, removed a perfume asking Jungkook where he got it from as he sprayed it all over himself. Just the Bangtan regular chaotic moments. The one thing that caught ARMY’s eyes was Jungkook’s pouch. It was pink, and clear, and it was his B21 character “cooky”

Jungkook is always seen carrying many bags at once or a huge bag anytime they are travelling. And he is usually spotted with an all black outfit, with some heavy duty shoes, so it was fun and cute to see that he has a softer side of not minding having lighter colors, pink to be precise, on him. One of the bags had his usual essentials, toothbrush, lip balm, the other had perfume.

BTS Jungkook performing is a force to be reckoned with! He delivers, completely delivers every beat, every rhythm, every movement.

Jungkook is so precious that you want to just cuddle him and brush his hair and listen to him laugh. He has the most infectious life that is truly healing, listening to him giggle or full on laugh will make your day that much better. Watching Jungkook in their variety shows like RUB BTS, Bon Voyage or In The Soop, you get to see his much softer playful side as he laughs and jokes around with the other members. He is either getting in trouble together with Jimin or V (maknae) or punching each other playfully with Jin.

ARMY wasted no chance in finding all the products that were in Jungkook’s pouch, ARMY knows things, and finds things, and knows things...

Fans also created adorable memes that showcased the two sides of the BTS maknae, just proving that there is always something new to discover about the BTS members.

Watch the full episode

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