“Your Body Art Is Beautiful” Trends Worldwide as ARMY Appreciates BTS’ Jungkook

Jungkook the youngest of the BTS members has caused quite a stir and waves in the fandom after his appearance on their weekly variety show “RUN BTS” Episode 125. BTS were cooking with a famous Chef and as the show progressed fans noticed that Jungkook had rolled his sleeves at some point as he started cooking, and behold the full display of a large portion of his arm sleeve tatoos was on full display.

This was a shocker because all these years ARMY only got little tidbits of Jungkook’s ink, they were already used to the ones on his palm and maybe an accidental sneak or two of a very small part of the sleeve tatoo.

Fans had already resigned to the fact that Jungkook’s tatoos would remain a secret between him, his family, BTS and maybe a few close lucky friends. So it’s always a small victory when the outfit slips further up his arm so that ARMY can steal a glimpse of said tatoos.

Jungkook recently won an award for Top Tatoo at the 95.7 TDY Awards

Jungkook was doing a live on their BangtanTV Youtube Channel last year and he read out a fan’s comment about his tatoos, which translated to “Your Body Art Is very beautiful,” which Jungkook was thrilled as he smiled heartily talking about it.

Jungkook had probably always wanted to get a tattoo or two. During one of their “American Hustle” series where they went to Los Angeles to learn about the real hip hop, Jungkook mentioned to Suga that he wanted to become an adult and among the things he wanted to do was drive and get a tatoo.

Fast forward to now and Jungkook’s tatoos are on full display during RUN BTS Episode 125, ARMY are appreciating Jungkook’s tatoos by trending “Your Body Art Is Beautiful” leaving cute, beautiful and meaningful messages about his tatoos.

ARMY is obsessed and loving the details of Jungkook’s tatooes and they cannot, cannot get enough to say the least.

3 thoughts on ““Your Body Art Is Beautiful” Trends Worldwide as ARMY Appreciates BTS’ Jungkook

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