RUN BTS Episode 125 Gives Rare Glimpse Of Jungkook’s Tattoos & We Love to See

BTS Jungkok is no stranger to trending worldwide, his blonde hairstyle was a hit in the beginning of the year and today, he tops the worldwide twitter trends once more! This is what ARMY have been dreaming about, manifestating, creating prayer circles, wishing on a star about, asking Santa as a Christmas present, crying about it, speaking into existence, just to see Jungkook’s full sleeve tattoos! Fans cannot believe that they got the rare opportunity of seeing more of the golden maknae’s beautiful body art. They saw a bit more of the tattoo in a BangtanTV bomb video but that was an old clip where the tattoos were not recent.

Today ARMY got a little bit more of Jungkook’s arm sleeve tattoos, more details of the ink and they are thanking the RUN BTS editors for the gift that has been awaited for such a long time. We are happy that Jungkook gets to show off his beautiful body art as compared to the beginning or the past when he had to tape up his tattoos whenever they were performing at broadcasting stations. Jungkook is an artist and I would not be surprised if he designed some of the tattoos to fit his likes and the message he wants to portray. Either way, the body art looks good on him and maybe even speak of his personality and what he treasures the most.

Jungkook went on to trend after the RUN BTS episode 125 was aired with fans appreciating that rare opportunity.

Past photo with a sneak peak of Jungkook’s arm tatoo

Jungkook cooking on RUN BTS Episode 125 arms exposed to reveal a bit more of his arm tatooes

RUN BTS Episode 125
RM, Jungkook and J-Hope cooking
Jungkook giving RM a taste of the food

It is a great way to start 2021, maybe one day we can have that VLive or YouTube Live where Jungkook explains the meanings of all his tattoos. Who knows, this is the year that ARMY gets wishes fulfilled!

Fans reacting to Jungkook’s tatoos reveal

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