BTS Are Ambassadors for Leading Philippines Company for Campaign Aimed at The Youth

BTS have always been big supporters of youth achieving their dreams and realizing their full potential. Even their name has a meaning that every youth can relate to. Band member J-Hope once said that their name “Bangtan Sonyeondan” which translates to “Bullet Scout Boys” means “… to be resistant to bullets, so it means to block out stereotypes, criticisms and expectations that aim on adolecents like bullets, to preserve the ideals of today’s adolescents.” BTS have lived up to their name of protecting the youth through the “Love Myself” campaign that seeks to protect the vulnerable in society, through their music and personal lives.

And that is why this campaign suits into their messages of hope for the youth. BTS who are now Grammy Nominees will be headlining Smart’s, Philippine’s leading Communication brand’s “Live Smarter, Live with Purpose2021 campaign. The campaign’s purpose is to inspire Filipino Youth to keep pursuing their Passion with Purpose and will be released in the first quarter of 2021.

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is a wholly-owned wireless communications and digital services subsidiary of PLDT, Inc., the Philippines’ largest and only integrated telecommunications company. Smart serves approximately 95% of the country’s cities and municipalities with its combined 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE network, providing mobile communications services, high-speed internet connectivity, and access to digital services and content to over 73.1 million Filipinos.

Aside from their remarkable talent, BTS emerged as the biggest band in the world because of their meaningful and uplifting music that brings hope and encouragement to fans especially in the bleakest of times. It is therefore a big honor to welcome BTS to the Smart family so we may inspire more Filipinos to find purpose in everything they do and ultimately live Smarter for a Better World,” said Alfredo S. Panlilio, Smart President and CEO

SMART company’s Jane J. Basas, SVP and Consumer Wireless Business Head added,

Just like BTS who are able to inspire millions of young people all over the world through their music, Smart Prepaid aims to bring about amazing experiences to the Filipino youth through technology to make life easy, fast, and simple. This way, the young generation are empowered to immerse in their interests and succeed with their pursuits,”

BTS keeps inspiring the youth to live their lives to the fullest! As young adults themselves, they can understand the struggles, pains and happiness that youth face today. It is incredible that BTS’ Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook have achieved so much in terms of their influence in the world, and they are not Even 30 years old! You tend to forget how young they all are when the accolades start pouring in, but the world needs such positive energy and desire to survive no matter what.

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