WATCH ALL BTS “Black Swan” Live Performances from “Map Of The Soul: 7” Album

BTS’ “Black Swan” performances have been a work of art and visuals that have set the standards for all performances. These performances only stand next to BTS’ own “Dynamite” performances. When the “Black Swan” music video unexpectedly dropped, the whole world took notice, as the song itself was very different from what BTS had been releasing. The great contrast between black and white and light and shadows made the music video an instant hit. The contemporary dance styles showcased BTS’ numerous talent in being able to do any kind of music. “Black Swan” is simply art in motion.

Everything about BTS is different, from their musical influences and lyrics to choreography and concept based videos. BTS has a lot of creative freedom and work on their music themselves with the big support and influence of their in-house producers, choreographers and designers. BTS are also very hands on when it comes to their music and performances, they have producers and writers they work with but they contribute a lot to their music, they write lyrics, produce, and they also help choreograph their performances. And that is why “Black Swan” has been a masterpiece of all ages!

Original Music Video

Here are some of BTS’ best “Black Swan” live performances for the year 2020

James Corden Show

M Countdown Comeback Stage

Music Bank

BTS WEEK Jimmy Fallon Show

LOTTE Duty Free Family Concert


Map Of The Soul ON:E Concert

2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon in Daegu

Melon Music Awards

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