BTS Jungkook’s Rare Blonde Hair Returns at The 2021 Golden Disk Awards, How ARMY is Surviving

There are very few moments that BTS’ Jungkook has worn his hair blonde. Once when he was still going to school and during their Bon Voyage – Malta trip. When Jungkook changes his hair color, it is usually a sort of little celebration. Jungkook is also one of the few members who rarely changes his hair color no matter the comeback so seeing Jungkook in a different hair color than black is always a treat for ARMY.  During the 2020 Golden Disk Awards Jungkook appeared in his blonde hair as BTS went on stage to receive their “Best Digital Song” award, fans went wild literally breaking the internet with their reactions to the golden maknae. It was a moment that seemed to go in slow motion as fans’ edits and dreams of a ‘blonde Jungkook’ came alive in front of their very eyes!!

Immediately Jungkook trended at #2 worldwide on Twitter with a monstrous 1.5 million tweets following his blonde hair reveal. He went on to stay on Top 10 worldwide trends with 1.9 million tweets hours after his ‘blonde hair’ appearance. Jungkook was on Twitter trends in over 80 countries and trended at #1 in many countries including United States, United Kingdom, Russia, India among others. Truly the King of Twitter Trends! “Jeon Jungkook blonde hair” trended at #2 in South Korea. On Google worldwide, Jungkook dominated most related topic searches to the keyword “Blonde,” living up to his tag as the Worldwide IT Boy. The fact the he was still wearing a mask and not revealed his face yet is just amazing, not sure what people will do when his full blonde haired face is shown! ARMY is already manifesting a blonde man bun Jungkook performing Black Swan.

His hair was not the only thing that trended on January 9th. Ever since Jungkook declared 9th January as “Jungkook Day” in the BTS Season Greetings Package 2018 where he penned a memo calling January 9, a day when fans can leave sweet messages on the internet, ARMY have been celebrating the day as a tradition. January 9th (1/09) is simply the reverse of Jungkook’s birthday which is September 1st (9/01). This year the day was celebrated with trending ‘OUR HAPPINESS JUNGKOOK’ trended #1 worldwide and #HAPPYJKDAY hashtags which trended at #2 worldwide while in South Korea it trended at #1. Jungkook’s many fanbases made multiple donations to charities in their respective countries for “Jungkook Day,” as a way of giving back and to show how much Jungkook had inspired them to help those in need.

How ARMY are surviving Blonde Jungkook

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