BTS’ RM Makes it Onto National News, Duck Snowball Makers Sell Out

BTS are known to have a golden touch, anything they touch turns to gold, whether it be products or services, their influence is one of a kind. BTS making it on national news is never a rare occurrence, especially with their achievements in music. However they have also made it on national news for random seemingly simple reasons.

For instance whenever BTS play on their variety show Run BTS, they have ‘punishments’ that include wearing embarasing outfits or accessories – Jin wore a traditional Hanbok to the airport, Jimin, J-Hope and V wore bunny ear hats to the airport, which made them appear on Korea’s national news several times. RM and Jimin made it on the news for attempting to make the famous Dalgona Coffee, while J-Hope made it on the news for his bead making skills.

On 6th January, BTS’ RM posted on Twitter and on Weverse some snow duck molds he had apparently made in the snow. On Weverse he wrote “waited for a year” on Twitter he just simply wrote “DTS.” It did not take long for fans to share their own pictures, fan arts of the snow ducks in their homes.

RM’s 7 snow ducks

Few days later, RM made it onto national news. It was reported that due to his post, several people have been making snow ducks molds around their homes. He has started a snow duck revolution!

The effects of RM making snow duck molds, people making them

Then it was also reported that the duck molds are allegedly out of stock in some stores until the end of January. RM ‘sold out’ king strikes with just a simple post of him enjoying the snow after waiting for one year.

The snow duck mold

What can we say, the simple things that BTS members enjoy always have a ripple effect on ARMY as they want to enjoy them with the members.

Today 9th January, RM posted a picture of the duck molds starting to melt, adding a sad crying face. An ARMY told him not to worry that he will be back next year.

Enjoy the simple things in life!

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