“Hello Jin” ARMY Misses You, Letters to BTS’ Jin Just Because

BTS ARMYs know how to send messages to the members. If there is one effective way that fans know the members will get the messages, it is online. BTS love ARMY, ARMY love BTS. It is that simple and today, fans decided to send Jin messages, wondering how he is doing, thanking him for existing, wishing him good health and happiness. Jin is an integral part of BTS and his voice has been praised by several critics.

Kim Seok-jin (Jin) is a tenor and can play the guitar. In Kim Young-dae’s 2019 novel BTS: The Review, members of the Grammy panel stated that his voice has stable breath control and a strong falsetto, calling it a “silver voice”. Journalist Choi Song-hye, writing for Aju News, wrote that BTS singles such as “Spring Day” and “Fake Love” displayed Kim’s vocal stability, while the b-side “Jamais Vu” did so for his emotional range.

Hong Hye-min of The Korea Times described Kim’s voice as “tender, sorrowful, [and] free-spirited” and considered it to be the “standout element” on the solo ballad “Epiphany”.Critic Park Hee-a, when discussing “Epiphany”, stated that Kim “sings the most sentimental emotions” of the solo tracks on Love Yourself: Answer. In a review of “Fake Love”, Park said that Kim’s belting “prove[d] [the song’s] effectiveness”. Source

Jin has always expressed his love for ARMY in any given opportunity. He has written letters to ARMY saying they are his earth while we are his Moon.

Some of the letters that ARMY is sending to Jin

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