BTS V’s “Snow Flower” Surpassed 10 Million Views & Garnered 2.1 Million Likes

V’s “Snow Flower” song that was a gift to ARMY for their patience in waiting for his long awaited mixtape officially surpassed 10 million views on YouTube with 2.1 Million likes! On releasing the beautiful melody, V said that he was grateful for all the white Angels (medical workers) who were working hard to take care of those affected by the pandemic.

Enjoy the song once again.

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BTS’ “Dynamite” is This Week’s Billboard Top Selling Songs, Maintains Top 50 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts

“Dynamite” BTS’ all english track is the biggest seller at no. 1 on Billboards top selling songs chart. The tropical disco track set its record breaking streak since it debuted on 21st August 2020. Big Hit recently released “Dynamite” Christmas remix version tha was just in time for the holidays.

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BTS Jimin’s “Christmas Love” is Fastest Music Video To Surpass 10 Million Views

Jimin released “Christmas Love” on Christmas Eve and on 25th December the audio video had surpassed 10 million views on You Tube and has already exceeded 2 million likes! The beautiful melody was Jimin’s special gift to ARMY.

Listen to the beautiful song below

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