BTS’ Jimin Wants ARMY to Know They Are Always Worthy of Love Through His New Song “Christmas Love”

Jimin’s love for ARMY is evident in the way he is always showing his emotions whenever it comes to expressing himself. He is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and share what he truly feels about the issues of life especially those that touch on ARMY who are going through a tough time. He is the most active member on their Twitter sharing his almost daily life and giving advice to fans and also encouraging them. His song “Christmas Love” is sort of a love song that celebrates the happy memories and moments during Christmas. Jimin takes us back to our childhood when we were always looking forward to the precious moments we would spend with our families, eat together, laugh together and remember why we mean so much to each other. The song is Jimin’s Christmas Gift to ARMY.

Jimin’s letter to ARMY with the song

Hello ARMY, it’s Jimin.

Have you received my Christmas present to you well? I wanted to make sure to share this with you, so I’m really really happy that I’ve been able to do so. I have come to you like this today to explain my reasoning a little; the reason why I’ve decided to share this bright song with you in such a difficult period of time. It’ll be clear if you look at the meaning of the song, but it’s one that contains the feelings that I felt in my childhood as I first saw the snow that I like so much fall heavily. I believe we grow to miss our childhood greatly as we mature. I think that whatever we’re like now, we are reminded of – and wish to return to – a time in which we had a childlike, untarnished purity. It has me think that as we mature and the responsibilities we must hold develop us, we must begin to hide our feelings a little. However, I also think that we continue to have such feelings. And so, what would it be like, to express such feelings – albeit juvenile – for once? I thought that it would be good if that one day could be today. You are all always worthy of love. So it would be good if there was a chance for us to share not these cheesy words of every day, but a time which we could all enjoy, though it may leave us bashful. Though it is a song that does not reflect the grand scale of my words, I have made it with the one hope that you could all be people of joy. It would be good if you could, at least for a moment, return to an earlier time treasured in your memories. Jimin

Listen to the beautiful song below

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