Could BTS’ V Be Dropping His Long Awaited MixTape This Year On His Birthday?

BTS ARMY are known to catch on teasers and spoilers that BTS throws at them. “Blueberry Eyes” singer MAX said that ARMY is the CIA, they know things, which is true to a very long extent. New music, new collabs, special merch, new hairstyles, comebacks, these are all instances where ARMY has predicted correctly and even perfectly. Nothing can pass unnoticed, it was ARMY that even noticed that Suga was having trouble with his shoulder during the Map Of The Soul ON:E concert.

They even trended “Yoongi’s shoulder,” during the concert until Suga then assured everyone that though he was having a bit of trouble, he was okay. Eventually he went and had a shoulder surgery to which he is recovering well and has even had Vlives where he gave an update on how he is doing.

BTS V, on the other hand, is the King of spoilers, to which we love him for it. If it is not hints, its usually outright revealing things that would eventually be released and ARMY would conect the dots. Before their “BE” album release, be gave a sneakpeak or is it sneak listen to a track that would eventually be part of the album. While In The Soop (BTS Episode), V was filmed rowing a boat on the river then started singing on the cool calm beautiful scenery a song that had the words “Blue & Grey”

At first everyone thought that the song was a snnipet for his upcoming mix tape. Once the “BE” album dropped, a song with the title “Blue & Grey” was part of the album. V stated that the song was originally meant for his mix tape but they decided to include it in their new album.

ARMY is now hot on the trail of V’s words that he spoke at the red carpet during the 2020 KBS Song Festival. He said

Dear ARMY, on December 30th, there is nothing special. I miss you so much...”

Well, with so little words, yet with so much meaning behind them! Our King of spoilers has spoken, should we just assume and take his words, as they are or… high chances not, we will have to wait for the said date, 30th December, to see if V was prepping us for what we have been waiting and praying for!

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