BTS’ V Will Be Taking Over His Hometown Daegu & Seoul With 13 Fleet Buses for His Upcoming Birthday

BTS V’s birthday will ne coming up on 30th December and the birthday preparations and or celebrations have already begun. With barely less than 10 days to his birthday, big fan bases have already set up various projects leading up to the day. Among those tremendous grand celebrations is V having 13 buses that will be runnning through Seoul up to his hometown Daegu printed with his image and birthday wishes. The buse have a QR code that fans can scan and they will lead to V’s fancams. Each of the buses represent a different Era of V’s journey from debut to date, talk about grand plans!

The 200-meter long fleet can cover the length of all the major road in Seoul. After cardinal communication and negotiation with the local transportation administer, our supreme fleet, consisting of 13 buses, finally is ready to hit the road” China Baidu Vbar

According to the fanbase, they have prepared QR CODE in advance on the body of the buses that would show them fancam videos of Taehyung once scanned. The different designs of the buses are the moving exhibitions themselves as the designs record shared are memories between Taehyung and fans during the 7 years since he has first debuted.

Some of the 13 fleet of buses that will be transitioning from Seoul to Daegu

Always remember that you are loved, our Kim Tae-hyung, Borahae! We purple you!

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