BTS Nominated in 3 Categories for The 35th Golden Disc Awards (GDA 2020)

The 35th Golden Disc Awards will be held virtually on January 9 and 10. Songs and albums that were released between November 2019 through November 2020 were eligible to be nominated this year. For the album division awards, only albums with at least six tracks (excluding intros, outros, and instrumentals) were eligible. The final winners are chosen 60% based on sales and 40% based on scoring by the judge panel. Online voting will not take place for any of the main category awards and will only be held for the popularity award which will be 100 percent determined by fans votes.

BTS have been nominated in 3 categories, Digital Song Division Bonsang (Main Award) – “Dynamite”, Album Division Bonsang (Main Award) “Map Of The Soul: 7” and “Popularity Award” You can vote Here .




At the 33rd Golden Disk Awards, BTS won, Song Division “Fake Love,” Album of the Year “Love Yourself: Answer” Album Division “Love Yourself: Answer,” Wang Yi Yun Music Fans’ Choice “K-pop Star Award,” “Popularity Award” and Global VLIVE Top 10 Best Artist.

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