BTS’ Namjoon Craved Hotteok, We Got OT7 Selcas Enjoying the Sweet Snack

“Namjoon shared on Weverse him searching pictures of “Hotteok” (Sweet Korean Pancakes), he was craving the sweet snack. Big Hit staff bought the snack for them and then V shared Selcas of the members, Jungkook, Suga, Jimin and Jungkook. RM and Jin also later shared their moment of enjoying the sweet snack. It was good to see the members all together again, just relaxed and doing one of their favorite things “eating together” Since V shared the members’ selcas the words “THANK YOU TAEHYUNG,” “ot7selcas,” and “Weverse” are already trending. The power that is BTS!

RM shared a screenshot of his google search of the Hotteok on Weverse written”I want to eat Hotteok”

J-Hope shared a plate of the delicious sweet pancakes

RM got to satisfy his cravings

J-Hope enjoying his Hotteok

We got to see Suga, not sure whether he was with the other members or shared from home

V shared a picture of Jimin titled “good perfect until the end”

V shared a picture of Jungkook

Jin shared his selca enjoying the Hotteok

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