BTS J-Hope is Bias Wrecking Fans, again, At Their “Dynamite” Performance for 2020 Melon Music Awards

BTS J-Hope became a worldwide trend today. All his names Hobi, Hoseok, J-Hope and Jung Hoseok were the top ten twitter trends, which were highly covered by BTS, during their 2020 Melon Music Awards, specifically during the “Dynamite” performance. In all BTS “Dynamite” performances, BTS have never had a single similar stage, outfit and sometimes even the same version of “Dynamite.” This performance specifically was off the charts, nobody expected the twist that came almost at the end. BTS have skated at a “Dynamite” performance, they have replicated a US talk show set and now they have added a dance break for “Dynamite!” Who even imagined that the song would have a dance break? Only BTS can imagine and make it happen.

J-Hope caught the eyes of fans during his part in the dance break, he was the lead in the dance break and even channeled some “Micheal Jackson” dance moves, which are insane. He has bias wrecked ARMY before when “Dynamite” dropped their first teaser photos and the world went wild, now he has come to steal your heart, soul, mind, thoughts and your emotions. He is the dance king after all! Can you expect anything else?

The fully charged performance even got a nod from Taj Jackson, Micheal Jackson’s nephew who wrote on Twitter “Yes!!! Brought such a huge smile to my face. Absolutely loved it. Thank you BTS”

Watch ARMY get whipped by electric dancer Jung Ho-Seok!

Our dance leader came to finish our hearts!!

One thought on “BTS J-Hope is Bias Wrecking Fans, again, At Their “Dynamite” Performance for 2020 Melon Music Awards

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