How BTS Members Wished Jin a “Happy Birthday”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIN! It’s officially Jin’s birthday. (In this part of the world, anyway😎) A star is born, a star is cherished, a star is loved! BTS members always excitedly cherish each others’ birthdays. They not only share their special moments with each other everytime, but with ARMY too. BTS always send out birthday wishes to each other and Jin’s birthday was no different. Suga was the first to send his wishes through their Twitter handle, then RM shared his message even congratulating Jin on his new song, J-Hope then posted a birthday message with memorable pictures, Jimin followed with cute pictures and a birthday wish. The only ones remaining are Jungkook and V. Whichever the case BTS loves their Hyung very much as we all do, our adorable Mr. Worldwide Handsome! Happy Birthday Jin!

Read the beautiful BTS Members’ birthday wishes for Jin





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