How ARMY is Celebrating BTS’ No. 1 on Billboard 200 Album Chart

ARMY has another reason to celebrate BTS’ amazing achievements, after their Nomination for the 2021 GRAMMYS, Billboard Charts was the most awaited announcement. Immediately the news that BTS’ Album “BE” had debuted on the US Billboard 200 Chart, ARMY started the worldwide celebrations. And how does ARMY celebrate? By trending every key word related to the no. 1 Billboard 200 news. Worldwide trends included #BENo1BB200, BTS KINGS, PAVED THE WAY, ARMY BE STREAMING among others.

It has been a journey that started with 7 boys meeting for the first time and learning to coexist, understand each other, love each other and respect each other enough to make music that changes and touches the world. “BE” is such a personal album to each of the BTS members as they contributed in many different aspects to bring the music to fruition. “BE” is also a personal Album for ARMY who have needed music that spoke about the current situation but telling them that it will be alright in the end as long as they have each other. Congratulations to 7 hardworking, loyal, humble men that have truly infected the world with self love and love for everyone! You can hear ARMYs cheers, cries, screams and claps if you listen really well!

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