BTS “ESQUIRE” Winter 2020/21 Magazine Cover

BTS World domination is undoubtedly the biggest phenomena this decade. Their achievemnets can only maybe be likened to very few past and present artists. Their worldwide wave in music has been on the rise with each new album or song. They released their latest Album “BE” that is already seeing its own share of immense success, only days after its release. BTS didn’t plan for world domination, it just happened, as Jin puts in on their ESQUIRE Magazine interview.

To say that BTS music has trancsended all barries would be the fact of the matter because the massive loyalty and respect that they have from ARMY that cuts across all countries or regions is testament to their boundless influence.

What makes BTS widely loved and adored by fans from across the globe? Their sincerity, honesty and down to earth realness that is completely relatable. One would not know that they are the biggest band in the world, they are now under one of the most profitable companies in South Korea of which they are share holders, when you watch their everyday lives, in their “natural habitat”

It is outstanding that these seven men who are mostly in their early twenties have carried so much responsibility and the weight of the messages in the music they write and produce. BTS have changed the world in more ways than they might be aware of. From charities, to social awareness, Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jubgkook has never been afraid to speak for the voiceless and highlight issues that might otherwise be too controversial for other artists. And this is what resonates so well with anyone who listens to their music without prejudice, as Suga once stated. Read more of what BTS had to say about their lives, music and more on their Esquire magazine INTERVIEW

Speaking about their earlier training days and his fights with Jimin “We slept during classes… we haven’t fought in three years!” V

“Dynamite wouldn’t be here if there was no COVID-19. For this song we wanted to go easy and simple and positive. Not a song like deep vibes or shadows. We jus wanted to go easy” RM

“Jimin has a particular passipn for the stage and really thinks about performace, andim that sense, there are many things to learn from him” J-Hope “I slept in the practice studio”

“Thanks for saying all these things about me” Jimin to J-Hope “On Suga saying Jimin and V fight the most “Its Jin and Jungkook, it all starts as a joke, but then it gets serious” Jimin

“How can we win everyone’s respect? I think it’s enough to get respect from people who support us. It’s similar everwhere else in the world. You can’t like everyone, and I think it’s enough to be respected by people who really love you” Jin

“There is this culture where musculinity is defined by certain emotions, or characteristics, I’m not fond of these expressions. What does masculinity mean? People’s conditions vary day by day. Sometimes you are in a good condition, sometimes you aren’t… The reason I started making music is because I grew up listening for lyrics that speak about dreams, hopes and social issues. It just came naturally to me when making music” Suga

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