Did BTS V Leak An Unreleased Song From Their New Album “BE”?

With only 3 days left to the release of BTS’ “BE” Album on 20th November, fans have been looking for any if all clues about what the new album has in store for them. The album will be more special because all the members are involved in the process, from the beginning to the end. BTS have already released the concept photos, clips, track list for the album and new years greetings. When they released the tracks list for the Album “BE” fans were excited and were already looking for clues about who wrote what, what the songs mean or who will sing what.

One thing that jumped out was one of the songs from the tracks list. The song “Blue & Grey”. Fans were taken back to when V was on a boat on a beautiful lake, soulfully singing on a boat a ‘never heard before song’. Initially fans had thought that it was a teaser for V’s mixtape but now it seems that they might have been wrong. The words ‘I am blue and grey’ are the exact words for one of the title tracks which is called “Blue & Grey.” Now fans are even more excited about the album waiting to see whether the song V sang on ‘In The Soop’ is the same as the song in the “BE” album.

BTS V In The Soop

Listen to V’s beautiful vocals

2 thoughts on “Did BTS V Leak An Unreleased Song From Their New Album “BE”?

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