17 Times We Loved RM & Suga’s Bromance

RM and Suga are the eternal room mates. Their friendship has been for over a decade, 10 years of building trust, love, loyalty, acceptance and mutual respect. their relationship dynamic seems to be one where they do not have to speak to each other to understand what the other is saying. They can be sitting in silence and yet be comfortable enjoying each other’s company. Both RM and Suga are great lyricists who write poetry like rhythms and wordplays that are spectacular and thought provoking. Their style of rap is more hardcore and hard hitting with a sort of raspy melody that just hits right. Once you are over the amazing lyrics and calmed down, then you can now read and really appreciate the meanings behind what they were saying. During BTS FESTA 2020, RM and Suga sat down to talk about their song “RESPECT”. Question was asked “What aspects of each other do you respect?

RM: “There’s something about Suga. How much he works. (I don’t work that much anymore). Yeah but that’s compared to his standards. Since I worked on ‘mono’ other than working on the album. I did next to nothing… Suga’s almost done with his… so those things, I really respect”

Suga: “I said this before, I really empathize with Namjoon. His struggles as the leader. He has to bring about a grand unification. So I’m really proud of Namjoon for that. The oldest person is usually the leader and encourages everyone. That’s not always true but people think Namjoon is the oldest. Bringing people together is Namjoon’s strength. Our hard working leader, I know…” Watch the Full Conversation

Here are 17 things that make RM and Suga’ relationship admirable!

17. When RM ruined Suga’s first Log

16. When Suga got his revenge by ruining RM’s log

15. When RM ‘stole’ Suga’s Food

Suga: We were all in the middle of dieting. Bust since I had to take medication after my operation, I was allowed to eat. Aaaah you can have one meal, while the others can’t eat. I felt bad for the situation so I hid in my room. Then, when I would eat, I would always hide (in my room). But I knew Rap Monster ate my food

RM: (in despair) I ate two spoonfuls

Suga: But I saw him running away

Interviewer: What was the food? What was your menu?

Suga: I think it was fried rice (with braised meat). And he Namjoon didn’t have to say sorry. But when he was saying he didn’t know. When he was denying it. He was so cute!

RM: (being honest) I’m really sorry

Suga: To be honest, I tried talking to him. He would keep denying it though. But then I said ‘Ya, I saw you running though. It was then that he said ‘Ah hyung, to be honest, I was the one who ate it. It was so cute! It was okay if he ate my food, not saying a word and eating it

14. When they chilled in the background while J-Hope and Jungkook were live

13. When they had fun at a photoshoot

12. When Suga and the rest of BTS showed up at RM’s music Video shoot

11. When Suga was excited about RM’s part at a collaboration celebration

10. When RM promoted Suga’s Mixtape

9. When RM Praises Suga

8. When they work together in the studio

7. When they sat through bullshit together

6. When they responded to the haters Cypher 1-4

5. When they perform together on stage

4. When they tell their stories on stage through the lyrics they sing

3. When they found success together

2. When they cried together

  1. When RM dedicated a verse to Suga in their song “MOVE”

“Ayo SUGA, I remember how we came here three years ago. When you and I used to fight all the time. The wallpaper, bathroom and veranda were all blue. Back then I thought this was a big place. But my ambition grew too big. That big house became too small now. When the nine trainees shared a 17-pyung house. Seems like it was just yesterday, we grew up a lot. Good things were always other people’s things. We were always hoarse from an uncertain future and worries. Seeing all the senior artists at the end of the year awards. Let’s not forget those things but put them away. This place smells like us. Let’s not forget this scent, wherever we are. We cried a lot and laughed a lot but it was so beautiful. Nonhyeon-dong, 3rd floor, thank you” RM


Suga playing his guitar singing “Happy” birthday to Namjoon

The smile on Namjoon’s face is just too precious!

Watch the full video

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