BTS “Bang Bang Con: The Live” Is The Best Virtual Live At The 2020 MTV EMA Awards

The biggest Virtual Live event of the beginning of 2020 is Bang Bang Con: The Live at the 2020 MTV’s Best Virtual Live Event.

According to Big Hit metrics, Bang Bang Con: The Live reached a peak of 756,000 concurrent viewers in 107 countries and territories. Attendance was the equivalent of 15 shows at a 50,000 seat stadium and was the biggest audience for a paid virtual concert. Big Hit added that the concert also helped grow BTS’ fan club, known as the ARMY, by 10,000 members. The online presentation was delivered through six multi-view screens playing simultaneously. Fans were able to choose from video call-like close ups to full shots that encapsulate the group’s highly synchronized choreography. The group played a 12-track set list. BTS was nominated in this category against:

  1. J Balvin – Behind The Colores Live Experience
  2. Katy Perry @ Tomorrow Land – Around The World
  3. Little Mix – UNCancelled,
  4. Maluma – Papi Juancho Live
  5. Post Malone – Nirvana Tribute

Acceptance speech

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