BTS’ J-Hope “BE” Album Concept Photo Has An Art Gallery & Cheerful Theme

J-Hope has finally completed the members’ concept photos for their “BE” Album. His room is a perfect representation of him, full of bright colors and artistic prints on two sides of the room.

“Hello everyone, welcome to J-Hope’s room. I am the curator, j-hope. This room provides with me mental tranquility and speaks of my identity and what sort of person I am. Like j-hope, this space is bright, colorful and filled with an energetic ambience. I hope that you can take with you some of this energy from this photograph of this room that I feel shouts out to the world who I am”

_ J-Hope

In one of BTS’s vlogs on BangtanTV that featured V, J-Hope and RM, RM had mentioned the concept suggesting, “We can start with simple drawings, like small rooms of our own. We can design them however we like and the staff could find the props that we need. Starting from the sketch, we can design our own sets, even what we wear.” J-Hope said, they discussed that individual shots could be done according to each member’s concept idea.

“BE” is set to be released on 20th November. BTS have already released the title track for their album which is “Life Goes On.” The concept is the members showing off their rooms. Question asked: What objects in this room best represent me?

“I tend to pay close attention to how I am dressed whenever I go anywhere, the shoes ion the center of the room and the outfit I am wearing are the elements in this room that best represent J-Hope. The shoes show the colors of clothes that I most often turn to these days” _ J-Hope

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