BTS Suga’s “BE” Album Concept Photo Has A Velvety Blue Rich & Calming Theme

Suga is the second last member to have the chance to show us his room in their “BE” Album photo concept. Wearing a velvet blue outfit sitting on a velvet blue couch brings out the calming nature of Suga and the calming effect he has on his fans whenever he speaks. Suga loves the color blue and it is the perfect representation of him as a person, blue signifies tranquility, serenity, and calmness. It is a color that invokes loyalty, dependability, and trust, all BTS members trust Suga’s words and the advice that he gives them. He is usually the peace maker who’s decisions and pieces of advice BTS respects. Blue is also used to show professionalism, authority and sincerity, Suga is a hard worker who is always professional in every project that he is involved in. It is also said to spur creativity, there is no denying that Suga is super creative, just look at his lyrics in every song that he writes, composes or produces and you will feel and witness that creativity.

In one of BTS’s vlogs on BangtanTV that featured V, J-Hope and RM, RM had mentioned the concept suggesting, “We can start with simple drawings, like small rooms of our own. We can design them however we like and the staff could find the props that we need. Starting from the sketch, we can design our own sets, even what we wear.” J-Hope said, they discussed that individual shots could be done according to each member’s concept idea.

“Hello everyone, welcome to Suga’s room. I am the curator, SUGA. Blue is an important color to me so the overall theme of the room is the color blue. Different hues of blue were used in this room because the coolness of the perfect blend of white and blue imparts a charm unsurpassed by a room purely adorned in white. There’s a soft pastel blue, a weighty velvet blue and a deep blue like the Jeju seas. I wonder what these blues will mean to you?” _ Suga

“BE” is set to be released on 20th November. BTS have already released the title track for their album which is “Life Goes On.” The concept is the members showing off their rooms. Question asked: What objects in this room best represent me?

“The metal spheres on the floor, the chain around my neck, a pair of slippers that I stepped into without thinking, no? the highlight of this room is the mirror. A mirror is a special object. It shows a reflection of you letting you know that indeed exist in here and now. All the members took part in the making of our latest album ‘BE’ in order to make it a true and faithful reflection of who we are. And that makes me all the more look forward to this album” _ Suga

And last but not least J-Hope will be the last member to show us his room tomorrow. What concept will he choose?

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