BTS’ Jungkook Has ARMYs All Dizzy With An Accidental Sneak Peek at His Possible New Tattoo?

BTS ARMYs won’t ever stop talking about Jungkook’s tattoos, because they always swoon whenever they catch a glimpse of his tats and will probably keep manifesting Jungkook’s full collection until they day it actually happens. ARMYs are the most observant fans ever because, with a little digging and sharing their findings, they can find out anything if not everything!  For instance, they have guessed the BTS’s next hair colors right, they have correctly predicted their comeback dates, they have even discovered collabs before BTS even announced them, talk about a whole movement with their facts right before the whole world knows of their existence. ARMY’s are now convinced that they have unearthed a new mystery, Jungkook may have gotten inked again. In their mission to try and figure out Jungkook’s tattoos ARMYs have uncovered around 17 tattoos on Jungkook’s ever-growing sleeve of beautiful ink.

There are those tattoos which can easily be seen like the word “ARMY” and heart tattoos, that are on the back others like his skeleton hand and black stripes, are rarely seen due to their location on his right arm, often covered by long sleeved outfits. Jungkook’s tiger lily tattoo is located right above his black stripes, where it is hidden well. The tiger lily first caught the sight of ARMY back on 27th February when BTS’ music video “ON” was released. It could easily be seen when Jungkook was pulling a conch shell out of the water in the clip, fans saw a close-up shot of the design for the very first time. The tattoo in his forearms is called tiger flower, it’s Jungkook’s birth month flower which means “please love me” and it was spelled behind the flower tattoo.

ARMY is always looking forward to moments like these when the outfit’s sleeve rolls away revealing a bit more of Jungkook’s tattoo details

In the latest episode of RUN BTS Episode 113, fans got a few peeks of his tattoos when Jungkook lifted his hands up and his sleeve rolled up revealing the design of his tattoo. Now ARMY are already on a mission to try and figure out what the tattoo is, is it new? Did Jungkook go and finish an incomplete tattoo? What is the design of the tattoo? What does it represent? And they can’t get over the fact that Jungkook has so many tattoos on his right arm. At this rate, they think he’ll have a whole sleeve soon or he already has his whole sleeve tattooed. Some even speculate that he might have a whole big tattoo on his back, maybe wings or a skull, or black roses, so many theories…

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