BTS RM’s “BE” Album Concept Photo Has an Earthy & Minimalist Theme

RM is third member to have their individual concept photos shared by Big Hit Entertainment. RM’s photo concept has an earthy, minimalist look and feel to it. Everything in this room screams NAMJOON !!! We all know that you can’t separate Namjoon and his bonsai. We can see his bonsai plant that RM was seen with while they were In The Soop episode and he also carried it as they left. RM also loves wood, he once showed off his wooden coffee table from a well-known artist. He is an avid reader so he probably prefers a minimalist look that has everything in order and with autumn like colors that breathe comfort in a space. RM’s space is a contrast to Jimin’s more floral look and V’s musically themed room.

In one of BTS’s vlogs on BangtanTV that featured V, J-Hope and RM, RM had mentioned the concept suggesting, “We can start with simple drawings, like small rooms of our own. We can design them however we like and the staff could find the props that we need. Starting from the sketch, we can design our own sets, even what we wear.” J-Hope said, they discussed that individual shots could be done according to each member’s concept idea.

“Hello and welcome to RM’s room. I, RM am the creator of this room. I present to you my warm and cozy room. Its decorated with a white and wood tone color scheme. This room evokes a sense of warmth, of being in someone’s embrace. It has a clean crisp feel, with a warm painting on the wall, but I think it would have looked better with some made of porcelain. I wanted to create a comfortable room that you don’t get tired of, a place you spend time every day, which is why I chose this color scheme. Does it look cozy to you ARMY?”

_ RM

“BE” is set to be released on 20th November. BTS have already released the title track for their album which is “Life Goes On.” The concept is the members showing off their rooms. Question asked: What objects in this room best represent me?

“They are none other than objects made of wood, figurines, tables, wooden frame on the walls and even the bonsai tree. I think these ‘wooden’ objects best portray who I am.” _Namjoon

It’s official unless it changes, BTS is using the line of order in the teaser clips, so the next member to have their concept photo is going to be Jungkook

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