BTS’ Jungkook Makes History With His Japanese Hit Song “Your Eyes Tell”

On 15 July, BTS released MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY Album which became their 4th Japanese studio album. One of its new songs is  “Your eyes tell”, that Jungkook took part in writing and composing. “Your eyes tell” became the theme song for an upcoming Japanese film of the same name. “Your Eyes Tell” movie follows the romance between a telemarketer who is losing her eyesight and an ex-boxer with a chip on his shoulder. BigHit CEO Bang Si Hyuk later revealed that Jungkook wrote the final song, “Your eyes tell”, while reading the movie’s script and watching its video clips.

The promotional posters for the Japanese movie “Your Eyes Tell” have already hit the market and Jungkook’s name appears ontop of the movie posters credited for the song. The movie hit cinemas on the 29th October 2020.

Jungkook now officially becomes the first international OST Composer in history to be credited on theater’s promotional posters of a Japanese movie production for his song “Your Eyes Tell”

Congratulations to our Kookie!

Watch the trailer, you can hear bits of the song “Your Eyes Tell”

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