When An ARMY BTS Theory Comes To Life, Proving “ARMY Knows Everything”

Speaking to MTV, MAX talked about how ‘ARMY’ is the CIA, they know things, they know everything. He was right, ARMY are some of the most intelligent human beings on the globe. They always never miss any detail, note, meaning or sentiment in whatever BTS does. With every single or album release or photo concept release, they will always come uo with theories and explanations that you might not have thought. They know that there is always a meaning in what BTS does, the members have proves to us that songs and lyrics are not just single units but part of a large plot or twist.

When it comes to BTS, ARMY will sift through anything or any person that is not genuine, they are protective of BTS, and with reason. I would like to think that BTS knows that ARMY loves to solve puzzles which is why they never give anything straight on. Theories will be formed, some will be right, some will be wrong while some will be close to the truth.

It was never any different when BTS’ new concept photos for their Album “BE” so many theories floated around the Twitter web, and they are still running around. One Army under the Twitter name @EUPHORIALOVE pointed out that the objects on either side of the room are mirrored symmetrically. The user even drew a line right in the middle to point out the similarity incase you could not see at first glance or maybe even at 10th glance. Most people, maybe everyone, was just mesmerized and hooked at how the band members looked so good, and might never had noticed that minute detail.

That was 19th October, fast foward to 31st October and BigHit dropped 2 concept clips, Mirror version and Reflection Version

The user can now say that the theory that they pointed out, came to life in the concept clip! It takes a person who sees the littlest details in everyday things to notice something that might have gone unnoticed. ARMY knows things, do not forget that! 🤣😎

The ARMY even surprised him/herself

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