BTS V’s “BE” Album Concept Photo Has a Classic & Jazzy Theme

BTS have decided to take the release of their new Album “BE” on a whole new level. They have been dropping concepts for the album with no particular order. Over the weekend, they dropped the concept clips that no one expected and we are already getting the individual concept photos. BTS has dropped the first individual concept photos for their upcoming self-directed album “BE”! V, who is in charge of visual direction on the “BE” album, is the first member to start off the individual concept photos shared by Big Hit Entertainment. The tagline on the photos was “Curated by BTS,” referencing BTS’ direct participation in the production of their new album.

Links provided on the post shared will lead you to the website where you will be able to access audio clips of V talking about his room. The concept is the members showing off their rooms. V’s room is filled with the violin on the walls, and has a minimalist look.

In one of BTS’s vlogs on BangtanTV that featured V, J-Hope and RM, RM had mentioned the concept suggesting, “We can start with simple drawings, like small rooms of our own. We can design them however we like and the staff could find the props that we need. Starting from the sketch, we can design our own sets, even what we wear.” J-Hope said, they discussed that individual shots could be done according to each member’s concept idea.

“Hello Everyone, welcome to V’s room. I’m the curator, V. I wanted to show my own vibes just as they are through the room that I arranged almost like an art gallery, with green and white wallpaper and door and objects laid out in symmetry with the velvet sofa anchoring the middle. I hope you can really feel “V” in this room, I want you to make sure you get enough to eat even if you’re busy and I wish you can feel how happy I want your each and every day to be”


“BE” is set to be released on 20th November, which is BTS first fully participated album, from the direction, music, concept and even styling and so much more. BTS have already released the title track for their album which is “Life Goes On.” Question asked “What objects in this room do you think best represent me?”

“It’s hard for me to single out any one thing because each object really reflects the ambience I feel is me. But, if I had to choose one, that’s the picture behind me. I think it’s more meaningful because it’s a picture I took myself. I was able to express what, with what I saw through the viewfinder, both how I see the world and myself within that space. Which is why it’s the one thing in this room that represents me the best” _V

Going by the DEAR ARMY postcards that BTS shared and the line of order in which the members appeared in the concept clips, Jimin might be the next member to have his individual concept photo.

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