Lucky Fans Doing BTS Cover Songs Get The Surprise of A Lifetime, Their Reactions, Priceless

BTS have always shown how much they love their fans and giving them surprises is one way that they use to connect with them. In a recent interview with Glamour, BTS’ Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook participated in “You Sang My Song” where they got the chance to watch fans’ covers of their songs on YouTube. The fans whose video were seen got the chance to see BTS members react to them, their reactions were out of this world as they got the surprise of a lifetime. BTS’ always appreciate good music and to see them enjoying listening to fans covers just goes to show that they love when fans not only listen to their music but also interpret the music in their own ways. Jungkook even recognized one of the fans who was doing the cover for “Black Swan”! While J-Hope had already seen the cover for “Fake Love”. The fans covered “Dynamite”, “Black Swan”, “Idol”, “Boy With Luv” and a rock version of “Fake Love”

BTS enjoying the covers done by the fans, acknowledging how good they are and even surprised by the different interpretations of the music.

Julz West covered ‘Dynamite’ Watch here

Cameron Philip K covered ‘Black Swan’ Watch here

Sam Tsui and Megan Lee covered ‘IDOL’ Watch here

Ysabelle covered ‘Boy With Luv’ Watch here

Lies Behind Your Eyes covered ‘Fake Love’ Watch here

“Because you created your own interpretations of our songs… we feel inspired again” _ V

Watch the full BTS reactions

3 thoughts on “Lucky Fans Doing BTS Cover Songs Get The Surprise of A Lifetime, Their Reactions, Priceless

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