BTS V’s “I Purple You” Has Inspired the Creation of a Purple Colored Dessert Named “Borahae” by an Australian MasterChef Contestant

BTS have become huge influences around the world because of their music that speaks to every heart regardless of physical location, geography, time zone, language or race. Despite all their achievements, they remain humble inspiring human beings that teach the world about self love and acceptance. What started as a sign of love between ARMY and BTS has become a global phenomena, the color Purple and what it means. “Borahae” a term coined by V, has found its way into the culinary world. KOI Dessert Bar & Dining owner Reynold Poernomo also a MasterChef Australia contestant, shared his latest dessert creation which is a beautiful purple-colored dessert named “Borahae,” which translates to “I Purple You” The Dessert Bar creates really mind blowing unique desserts that will leave you in awe and inspired by their designs. And to see the chef be inspired by BTS is amazing and the story behind this dessert is what is absolutely heart warming.

Describing the Dessert, the restaurant wrote, “‘Borahae’ featuring, french earl grey sponge, cassis, umeshu and yuzu. (GF)”

The restaurant explained the story behind the dessert’s name “Borahae”

PURPLE. A color that has come to mean so much to ARMY because it represents everything that is the relationship between them and BTS. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of creativity, wisdom, dignity, devotion, peace, mystery, independence, and magic. The color purple is a rare occurring color in nature and as a result is often seen as having sacred meaning.

Lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are considered delicate and precious. The color purple has a variety of effects on the mind and body, including uplifting spirits, calming the mind and nerves, increasing nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, and encouraging imagination and creativity.

V gave his speech during BTS’s Muster in 2016, giving a whole new meaning to the color purple, and that is where it all began…

“Do you know what purple means? Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time… I just made it up. I wish I can see you for a long time. Just like the meaning of purple… we’ll always trust you and go up the stairs with you. You don’t need to help us all the time. You can now hold our hands and follow us now. We’ll go up really high. I’ll make it nice. Thank you so much for allowing us to have a fan meeting, in this kind of big place, A.R.M.Y I love you!”

Kim Taehyung (V)

BTS Concert flooded by purple

And that is how “Borahae” (I Purple You) came to be. Purple became a symbol for ARMY and BTS. Purple lights up the streets, lights up buildings, lights up stadiums, lights up the skies and lights up the hearts of ARMYs around the world. Wherever you go and see purple you know that you have reached home where BTS’ presence is and where you can find a fellow ARMY and have that understanding without even speaking. Brands like ‘Starbucks Korea,’ “Samsung” and “Baskin Robbins” have incorporated the purple hue into their collaborative projects with BTS. Several landmarks such as the “London Bridge,” “Empire State Building,” “Wembley Stadium,” and “State de France,” and many more have lit up in shades of purple in honor of BTS whether before, during or after a concert, which just shows how “Purple” is such a huge influence.

Buildings lit up with purple

When BTS gave their speech at Korea’s National Youth Day, they presented a PURPLE Box that was filled with letters from BTS to the future youth, their accomplishments and awards that they have had over the years. The box is to be opened in the year 2039 for all the youth that will be there. That gesture just cemented the fact that the color Purple is ingrained into BTS as a sign that ARMY are always there and together with them. Purple is ARMY and ARMY is BTS. Thank you V for giving us a color and phrase that brings all ARMY together regardless of whatever region or country that they are!

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