Why ARMY Are Having To Fight BT21 Koya For RM’s Attention

BTS are not the only ones who get ARMY speaking in trends. Today ‘Koya’ was trending and for some very interesting reasons. Koya is the koala character that RM designed for LINE FRIENDS‘ BT21. Each BTS member has their own character in the BT21 line. BTS editors are known to use emojis to censor BTS shirtless moments or mishaps like skin accidentally showing when BTS does things like jumping, dancing or running, basically any physical activity that would have a ‘peek-a-boo’ moment of showing off BTS skin. Recently in BTS BANGTANTV’s Grammy 2020 Awards behind the scenes, Koya made a cameo while J-Hope was getting his hair done.

Behind him is RM doing some press ups, shirtless, in the few seconds that his figure appears on either side of RM, Koya keeps popping out of nowhere to cover his ‘dad’. Now fans are mad that Koya is doing too good of a job protecting his dad from the world. This frustration has led to ARMY getting worked up over Koya getting between them and RM, and it isn’t the first time that Koya has been taking his job very serious.

Koya is here to protect his dad al all cost!

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