Café Owner from BTS’ Rookie Days Remembers Jimin’s Birthday

On Jimin’s Birthday Kang sun-ja, 67, the owner of Yoojung Sikdang Restaurant where BTS used to visit for meals in their Rookie years, posted a cute picture of her with several ramen cups with Jimin’s picture on them. She wished Jimin a happy birthday. It is so heart warming to know that she still remembers BTS. She speaks highly of the 7 boys who used to love her food and she took care of them like her own sons.

On SBS MTV’s ‘Rookie King: Channel Bangtan’ Ep.1 aired in 2013, the BTS boys recommended Yoojung Sikdang, located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, as their favorite restaurant. After a long, intense practice session in BTS’ practice room located in the same building, the boys used to head to the restaurant to have a hearty meal. The restaurant “eemo” praised BTS, saying “I love them like my own children, they’re all so polite and kind.” She added “I really believe in a big future for them. They’re so polite and bright. They will be big, and they really have to be.”

In an interview with KPOP HERALD, Kang sun-ja, 67, the owner of Yoojung Sikdang spoke about BTS

KH: Do you still follow BTS?

Kang: “I do. ARMYs send me stuff, especially when the group holds a concert. ARMYs are good people. I think just like BTS are, their fans are kind also. From those in their teens to 80s, people from all age groups tell me they get energy from BTS’ music. You talk to people who come to the restaurant often. “Some fans were having a hard time with their marriage. They said that each lyric of BTS’ songs touched their heart through and through, which made them realize that something was wrong (in their life). And from there quite a few told me they were able to start afresh and begin a new life. “When you leave your job, you could feel depressed. And some people lived a new life thanks to BTS. I find it very interesting that how many fans, with their own stories, manage to get motivation from BTS’ music and start again.”

Read the FULL interview HERE

Pictures of BTS inside the cafe

Watch the episode where BTS visits the restaurant

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