The ‘Bee Gees’ Congratulate BTS on their double wins on Billboard Hot 100

BTS became the first group/duo to have no. 1 and no.2 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts simultaneously this week. They have achieved this feat that was last seen a decade ago. This is after their hit song ‘Dynamite’ maintained its no. 2 spot on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 and their ‘Savage Love’ remix with Jawsh 658 & Jason Derulo took no. 1 on the Billboard Charts. BTS was then grouped with 4 other amazing groups, ‘The Beetles’, ‘The Bee Gees’, ‘Outcast’ and ‘Bep’.

The Bee Gees Tweeted out their congratulations, adding that they like BTS’ style with a picture of BTS in their ‘Dynamite’ outfits

The Bee Gees Band

ARMY Reactions

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