BTS Jungkook Trends after Posting Selca With a Personality Test Results, ARMY having Fun Knowing Their Personalities

Jungkook posted a selcas on their Weverse App that included the results to a test that he took. The test is the Myers-Brigs Type Indicator, a popular personality test. According to the test Jungkook is an IFSP-A, which stands for “Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving” and is classified as the “Adventurer”. People with this personality type are artistic and open minded and grounded in warmth. This is so true of Jungkook’s character as we have seen his warmth and affection especially towards his members and ARMY. He is very artistic, as can be seen in his paintings that he does. The painting that was included in the MV Blood Sweat & Tears, he is the one who painted it. And in several episodes of BTS In the Soop’ we can soo some of his best art work.

Soon after Jungkook posted the Selca and his results, ARMY took up the challenge to find out their personality types. Some being excited about having the same personality type as Jungkook while others were surprised by their results and others were just confirming what they have known all along. Jungkook’s power though, he posts a selfie and a screenshot of his Myers Briggs personality test and then every single ARMY does the test and starts comparing results almost instantly. HIS POWER. Here are some ARMY reactions to their personality tests.

Jungkook’s post on Weverse

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