Here’s Why ARMY is Finding BTS J-Hope’s Skating Skills So Adorable

We love when BTS interacts with ARMY on their Weverse App since its usually a bit more intimate as compared to other social media like Twitter or Instagram. A few hours ago a fan wrote a post on Weverse and attached a Gif of BTS roller scatting. It was the part where J-Hope was being helped by Jin not to fall down. The ARMY asked whether ‘our hobi was okay’. J-Hope responded with laughing emojis and added that he was not okay. Its great to see that he can laugh at himself knowing that ARMY is worried about him.

J-Hope answered

Another ARMY was excited that J-Hope had responded in English. We do love their English especially at interviews

Ever since the last performance of ‘Dynamite’ on the Jimmy Fallon Show, fans have not stopped talking about the last part of the performance where the Bangtan boys roller scate around the ring. As much as they were all having fun V and J-Hope were fumbling around with V at some point falling down and J-Hope being helped by Jin not to fall.

ARMY found this all too adorable and even kept comparing their own skills to the different members levels. Here’s ARMY’s reactions

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