BTS J-Hope ft. Becky G ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ MV Surpasses 200 Million Views on YouTube

J-Hope is known as the best dancer, not only in BTS but in the music industry as well. This was proved, not that it needed to be proved, but, it was shown when BTS appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show BTS WEK where they had to dance their feelings. The challenge between V and J-Hope was to dance showing that ‘your jacket is stuck on the car door‘ When J-Hope acted the part, it really seemed like his jacket (hand) was stuck on a car door. I had to rewatch a dozen times just to believe it wasn’t an edit! His dedication and hard work has once again proven why music is a part of who he is and what he is made of.

Just last week on 27th September J-Hope was celebrating 1 year anniversary of his and Becky G’s ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ MV. A few weeks back the same collaboration song reached 100 #1s on iTunes and now the collaboration has achieved another huge musical milestone.

The ‘Chicken Noodle Soup ft. Becky G’ Music Video just surpassed 200M views on YouTube after a year. J-Hope now becomes the 1st BTS member, 3rd Korean Male Solo Artist and 5th Korean Solo Act to achieve this milestone with a Music Video.

To show how passionate Hoseok was in the song, he  paid $2.7M to the original artist of ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ and released the remake for FREE. And he still kept the original dances with a little tweak of his own. His only goal was to bring people together through dance and music which can be seen when every dancer in the MV was credited at the end of the video. A true wholesome artist who knows the meaning of music and the love for dance. So much respect and admiration for J-Hope’s proffesionalism, his love for dance and the respect he has for other artists and their craft.

Jung Hoseok becomes the first BTS member to have a solo Music Video and collaboration hit 200M views on Youtube.

ARMY are trending #CNS200M #μ œμ΄ν™‰ #JHOPE #μΉ˜ν‚¨λˆ„λ“€μˆ˜ν”„2μ–΅λ·°μΆ•ν•˜ν•΄ to celebrate J-Hope’s achievment, indeed he deserves all the congratulatory messages because he is not only a great dancer but a passionate artist as well

Watch the MV that brought together three languages!

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