When BTS cried and ARMY Was There

BTS always give their best during performances and ARMY are always left awed by them. There really is nothing that ARMY can do for BTS except support them through enjoying their music. So it was a great surprise when ARMY decided that they will sing back to BTS the songs they have been singing foe them. BTS were left in floods of tears on the second night of their sold-out shows at London’s Wembley Stadium after fans gave them a beautiful surprise. BTS ARMY, surprised the members with a passionate rendition of their song Young Forever towards the end of the show. And the members couldn’t help but tear up as 90,000 voices belted out the song ‘Young Forever’ on Sunday night, just after their closing speeches.

The moment served as a thank you to them for putting on an exceptional string of shows. Instantly, videos of BTS members Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, RM, V and Jungkook breaking down over the surprise, flooded social media. It was the way they were confused for a second and then crumbled after realizing what was going on. The moment was just too beautiful. The staff put the lyrics on the big screens both in English and Korean, then requested ARMY to sing the chorus of Young Forever. The boys were too overwhelmed especially Jungkook and Jimin who cried the most. Amidst tears BTS thanked ARMY for giving them the time of their lives. i never want to see BTS cru except if it is happy tears, and these were happy tears.

Watch the emotional surprise for BTS by ARMY

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