BTS Drops ‘Savage Love’ Laxed Siren Beat Remix, Kookie All Grown Now, ‘SOPE’ Owning The Rap, ARMY Jungshook

The long awaited ‘Savage Love’ Remix has dropped and its more than what everyone expected. It is such a high bop that has got everyone talking about Jungkook’s vocals, and SOPE (Suga and J-Hope) Rap. When SOPE raps in Korean in savage love remix, it is absolutely insane. After teasing the version, BTS finally released the Savage Love BTS Remix and it is absolutely invigorating! The song has J-Hope and Suga rap adding a new fantastic spin to the Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo’s song. BTS first teased that the remix was in the making when they participated in the popular Savage Love TikTok Challenge. And as expected Jungkook, Suga and J-Hope give an overpowering performance. The latest version features Jungkook swearing as he sings “I know you don’t give two f**ks” which is why twitter ARMY is Jung shook but absolutely loving it. Our Kookie is all grown up, we have J-Hope singing in both English then he and Suga raps in Korean.

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