ARMY Whipped for J-Hope After ‘Black Swan’ Performance on Jimmy Fallon, and We Are Too

J-Hope is the best dancer in the world, I dare say that. These are facts that he keeps proving over and over and without a doubt he is the best at his craft. J-Hope dances with his whole body, mind, soul, spirit and emotions. He always adds extra sauce into any dance he does. I always look forward to watching him dance because he is so mesmerizing. Dance shaped for 10 years, J-Hope says that dance is part of who he is, he grew up dancing and loves to dance. You will always find him doing random dances at interviews. He can never be still, any time a music is mentioned or there is a beat, you bet he will start moving. His limbs just do the impossible, its like he has extra bones that connect to his movements in a ridiculously puzzling way that you are left wanting more. In Black Swan J-Hope’s verse is the most dramatic and turning point moment of the entire song. He gives so much passion that you can feel it vibrate all over his body. I love that part and then when he is doing a duo with Suga, the two of them tell so many stories in that performance. J-Hope’s dance highlights his magnificent stage charisma and presence. You cannot ignore him. He is just that part of any choreography that you never forget for the rest of your life. He is Delicately gorgeous. He is an eclipse of the sun. he is everything that dance needs to be.

Watch J-Hope dance

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