ARMY Whipped for Jungkook After ‘Black Swan’ Performance for Jimmy Fallon Show, and Honestly Same

The King of Twitter trends is back at it, Jungkook, the man he is today. BTS performed ‘Black Swan’ for Jimmy Fallon’s #BTSWEEK and the whole world is in shambles because of Jungkook. Why, you may ask, well, his man bun for instance and the insane black outfit he was wearing. Jungkook is a stylish BTS member whose style has always been coppied and tried by other fashionistas and the general public. He is known to love his Balenciaga designs but also looks cool in casual wear. Our golden maknae is causing a lot of beautiful ‘pain’ to ARMY by looking all imppssibly handsome and classic and adding to that his powerful performance on Black Swan. His sheer top was not helping at, looking all elegantly sexy and all. Here are the many hearts that have been whipped by Jungkook’s visuals!

Watch Jungkook perform

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