ARMY Whipped for Jimin After ‘Black Swan’ Performance on the Jimmy Fallon Show, and Who Wouldn’t Be

Jimin is always mesmerizing to watch. His dances are flawless, smooth and it feels like he is flying on air whenever you watch him. No one can forget his iconic ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ intro. He captures you in an instant and it is as if he is holding your soul back to you. From his eyes that are usually piercing in their gaze, that you get lost in their eternity, to his body movements that can enchant even the deadliest of snakes from its hiding. Being a contemporary dancer has been the start of his beautiful dance style, add that to his expressions that leave you confused, happy and teary at the same time, and you have a Jimin attack. His dance in their ‘Black Swan’ performance for the Jimmy Fallon show, Jimin was literally the show stopper! He has ARMY so whipped that they are speechless at how perfect his performance was. He showed off a whole other level of art and sophistication that the whole world is talking about him. His intense stares yet gentle tags will leave you wanting more of Jimin.

Watch Jimin’s performance below

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