Singer Alex Lustig Thanks J-Hope for Playing His Single ‘Dive’ on His Live

At the level that BTS is at, anything and everything they touch turns golden. Whether it be the clothes they wear for their music videos, interviews or performances, they are always being sold out in minutes, BTS are the sold out Kings. For instance, the T-Shirt that J-Hope wore for the ‘Dynamite’ first photo teasers were sold out within minutes of the photo release. When BTS did a performance for their song ‘Stay Gold’, the denim outfit that Jungkook wore was sold out. Same goes to all the other members, any outfit they wear is completely sold out. Other than outfits, BTS also sells out products that they regularly use, Jungkook had to beg ARMY to stop finishing the Downey Conditioner as he could not get any since they had been sold out. The power BTS holds.

BTS is music, and they love music of all genres. During interviews whenever they were asked about artists they love, their responses were always different artists from every kind of genres, from Tupac, Billie Eilish, H.E.R among others. So you know when they are listening to Music, they are enjoying it.

J-Hope had a live stream on YouTube and as usual he was playing music in the background and enjoying it while he chatted with ARMY. Among the songs that played in the background was Alex Lustig’s Dive. BTS love to share their lives with ARMY and since music is part of who they are, they will always recommend good music by talking about it or playing it in the background on their Live streams. Alex Lustig gave a shout out to BTS thanking J-Hope for playing his new song and he has gained new fans that love his music because J-Hope was listening to it.

ARMY have even included Alex’s song in their playlist just because J-Hope was listening to it on his live

Incase you missed J-Hope’s live stream, watch it below

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